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Archive | January, 2013

Hair Pieces??

With all these fun hair do’s out there you need a lot of long & thick hair…. Well maybe not??
Yes ,I do have long hair, a lot of long FINE hair! I can do a fishtail braid, a great top knot ( with no sock) side knots and great pony’s!! ( you say lucky me)
But what about all those styles that combine 2 or 3 of the above??
My trick… Shhh.. Little hair pieces!
No not extensions or glue ins that damage hair. I mean little pieces that are all ready braided ( like the headband I am wearing in photo) or a straight piece you can wrap a pony with ,a fun colored piece to pin in. Even a pony holder covered in your color hair!
The possibility’s are endless!
In the photo my side knot is cute and I have enough hair to make a fun full knot but if I would had braided it and then tried to put in side knot, I would have had nothing left!
Adding a braided headband changed the look from ok.. too compliment hair:)
So next time you want a fun do look for a little added helper!
( Jessica Simpson) hair line is great! Thank mom:)

Boot Socks

Boot socks are Hot Hot Hot! Chic style has instock $11.99 a perfect add touch to your outfit! Comes in Black, ivory, brown and tan!
Buy now at
I love the little touch of lace popping out of the top of my boots:) the lace makes me happy and adds a little feminine touch!
If you wear boots you need a pair!
Have a cozy cozy day!
Ox D’Arcy

Winter Blues!

So if your like me this time of the year starts to get you down.
Cold, snowy, grey skies! Sound familiar?
Here are some of my favorite tips to get you through.
You can’t get to the beach, bring the beach too you. A bowl of shells and some of this Beach by Bobbi Brown ( smells just like the ocean) come in oil and perfume!
I love the shells next to my night stand with some white roses and a yummy candle. Sometimes just the little things pull you through!!
Other things that help me are wearing fun colors! Check out Chic Style for some of Kut from the cloths spring clothes!
I am in love with there happy colors and obsessed with the mint colored leather jacket!
Did you know Planning a trip is just as helpful as going on one?? Studies show the endorphin’s are the same as if your going… So get on it and plan that Spring break or summer vacation!
The little things that can perk you up…
…Lighting spring scented candle’s!
… Have a bowl of citrus fruit on table
… Throw a couple of fun colored pillows
on couch or bed!
… Wear some fun colored jewelry
… Treat yourself to some fun colored nails
Or toes!
Hope this helps you fight the winter blues!!
Ox D’Arcy

Moms can still rock!

If you know me you know I am 41:)
& moms can still rock and have fun with clothes!!
I don’t want to look like a teenager, I have been there done that! I just love clothes, fashion and playing:) so here’s my take on rocker mom and playing with layers! ( arm candy!)
I do think it’s funny yesterday (while wearing this outfit I had one lady tell me she couldn’t believe I had a teenage son… And had a high school guy friend say he couldn’t believe ” I looked just the same”
Lol! Both made me feel great but I really don’t want to be a teenager again!
So throw on a fun Rocker Tee, leggings ( over 25 cover that bum;)) fun plaid shirt and play with your jewels!! 🙂

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Martin Luther King Jr. Day

Happy Martin Luther King jr. Day!
Both stores are open if you are wanting to do a little shopping on your day off!
Here’s a fun look at Valentines day!
Have a wonderful Day!


Studded clothing and accessories are Hot Hot!
Every age can wear this look!
Over 30 can mix a couple pieces ,over 40 1 studded accessory!
I love to mix with pearls and gold! But super cute with a rocker tee and Skinnies!
Studs and denim are a natural fit but thinking out side the box and adding a piece with lace or something feminine is just plain fun!
Enjoy your Day!

Valentines day!

Perfect tops for a day of LOVE! St. valentines Day! Both stores have perfect gifts, darling outfits and yummy candies in stock!!!

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