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Magic Trade Show

Shows are so fun to see ALL that’s Hot in Fashion… Live and ALL in one place!!!
LA, New York, London, Tokyo, Paris All in One spot!!!
Trends I am spotting…
Black & White
Color color color
Studs are on everything and everywhere!!!
Gold jewelry…studds…. Cuffs
Sheer shirts
Legging legging leggings!!
Here is a fun display from market… All about color!

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Las Vegas Market

Headed to Las Vegas to magic, Winn and accessories show!! Biggest Market in USA! For FASHION…. Shopping for our Stores,Chic Style!

Excited to bring you photos, info, and trends!! Way excited to post what will be filling our Shelves! Follow us on Facebook and pintrest for up to date post!!

Look for our big give away!!

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Nightstand Favorites

My Nightstand FAVORITES!!!
Lately I have been seeming snap shots of people’s nightstands… On pintrest, blogs and Instagram.
Which had me take a look at mine.
I have kept the same 3 things on Every night stand I have owned over the years…my favorite nightstand must haves
…Fresh flowers, (lately it’s been roses) in my favorite vintage mercury glass vase.
…My favorite lotion MILK by Archipelago,
…A drink..mornings it’s hot tea or coffee and nights it’s Water.
These 3 things no matter what are always sitting on my table.
Yes I have other treasures, candle, lipbalm, magazines or a book, photo’s and other odds and ends, but as I looked back over time these are 3 of the things that have stayed the same.
Think about your favorite nightstand items…have they stayed the same or changed over the years??

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Super Bowl

Our Super Bowl spread!
Fun friends , yummy food and a great game!
Everyone who knows me knows I love to entertain!
Tip… Collect fun things for entertaining year round! It’s amazing what you can find any target ( in here 1$ section) and at the dollar store! Little details can make a statement! Keep those eyes open and think out side the box!
Most of all have fun and entertain!!:)

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Arm Candy

Arm candy… The art of layering and mixing layers on your wrist!
Well.. That’s my definition!
Have fun with this mix it up and play!
Silver, beads ,turquoise , leather & steel is what I played with today!
I love mixing gold and silver… Gold and pearls with some added spikes is a favorite lately… Bling and a metal choice… Maybe colored bling and clear bling???
A rule of thumb in design a to work in odd numbers , I say the same when layering jewelry 3,5,7! ( my photo looks like even number but the thin leather strap bracelet is hiding :)) I am wearing 6 bracelets and a watch:) for a total of 7!
So remember to roll up or push up those sleeves and play!
Ox, D’Arcy