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Ashley Bennett Stoddard pendent

Proceed's goes to this great cause:)
Proceed’s goes to this great cause:)

Pendent’s for a cause!

Ashley  create’s beautiful pendent with a cause and meaning behind them!

This little treasure was designed for the Rape Recovery Center in Salt Lake City Ut.

Tonight happens to be the big Galla and auction fundraiser for this great cause.

   This year my husband and I are going as Ashley’s guest, we are looking forward to a fun night to raise money for a good cause!

   If you would like to help you can purchase the pendent on our website  check out all Ashley Bennett Stoddard’s work and Pendent’s that give back to a ton of different charities.


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Huge Giveaway


Chic Style is so excited to be apart of this multi vendor, shop, boutique giveaway!

one of the biggest I have seen!! Go check it out and enter!! Oh HAPPY Day!!!!

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Arm Candy… Bracelet fun!

Loving Arm candy!  Pile it on!

A huge trend is piling on the bracelets….aka Arm Candy!

I love this trend, so fun to pile them on and play with patterned, metals and colors.

Great time to pull out all your Old jewelry and see what you can mix & match with your NEW.

   Remember to have fun layer them up and mix romance with tough for some fun!

Little tip when wearing Arm candy….keep your other jewelry simple!

Let your wrist make the statement!

Have fun, D’Arcy

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Spring Staple…maxi skirt

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A perfect easy to wear Spring staple!
Darling Chevron skirt in coral or mint

My Favorite way to wear a maxi skirt, is  with a tank top and a Kut from Kloth Denim Jacket, flip flops and fun jewelry. You can dress up a maxi Skirt as well with a cute blazer, wedge sandals and a fun statement  necklace. Even looks cute over a bathing suit. If you have not tried this easy to wear  favorite you must step out of your box and try one.  Purchase this one at

Mint chevron maxi skirt!

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Jolie Hair ties

Love these safe for hair  ties/ bracelets,
Love these safe for hair ties/ bracelets,

I am in love with this hair ties, not only are they safe for Hair. ( do not break or damage hair) they are cute and can also be worn as a bracelet! With a wide range of colors and add charms you can match any outfit!

We will be adding these to our website this month!