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Market week

Market week
Market week

I hope everyone has been liking chic styles Facebook posts!!!

This show was amazing … I think we found some of the cutest stuff yet!!

We will start receiving in stores NOW until July …

Some of the things I am excited about….

Skirts every length , patterns ,styles and price!

I really focused on find darling modest and stylish skirts and dresses!

I am very happy with what I found:)

  We have also had so many of you ask for shirts that you don’t have to layer with in hot weather…. We found some Darling ones!

Not to mention, More exciting stuff I found that makes me happy ….

Affordable clothing,purses, jewelry, layering pieces and a ton of under $10 items!!

I am bring home a Brand new jewelry line for all three stores with nothing over $21.99

Most selling under $10

   This Market week brought us so many fun displays & eye candy, New lines we can’t wait to share and the best fashion!

I am very excited and hope you will be too!

Stay tuned for more sneak peeks, photos and some cool display’s!


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Just a little view


Market Week for the  Fashion industry happens twice a year in Las Vegas.

  In February and August every year all the fashion industry’s wholesalers set up booths for US retailers to purchase from to fill there beautiful stores….

 More about this later….

Because it’s VEGAS baby! We like to mix a little business with pleasure…

Here’s a little bit of pleasure to me… Fabulous Hotel rooms with a stunning view!

This trip it’s from the Cosmopolitan Hotel suite…

We stay at a different Hotel every time so I can officially say …. I only have 2 more Hotels to stay at and I will have stayed at every Hotel in Las Vegas…

( one day I am going to Blog about where you can have the “BEST” of anything)

I so enjoyed every morning and night with this view… Breakfast on the baloney, 1 night we were enjoying our room so much we ordered dinner in and my mom & Steve joined us!!

Our suite view
Our suite view
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Heading to Market week Las Vegas 2014

Up early… Off to market!!
Which show first?
You have project… Big names and labels @Mandela bay
Magic… Contemporary , juniors, women’s and fills all of the convention center @Hilton
Baja… Accessories show
Off price… Deals, big quantity discount, creat your own label etc
1 full level @sands convention center @Venetian
Cash&carry… Buy and take with you also @Venetian
Tons of little shows also @venetian
Woman’s…. More mrs and woman’s fashions @rio
You have to really plan and have goals of what you need to accomplish with all the choices and directions you could go…
Long day’s ahead and a ton of work… It could make your head spin… But to me it’s exciting, the thrill of the hunt and a Rush to take in all the creative Displays, fun & different fashions and the planing of how I am going to put it all together!
I love what I do! It’s a passion and I hope it shows!
Stay tuned for more inside of Market week…


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Sneak peek from Market

Cecio booth always creative!
Cecio booth always creative!
Market week for Spring 2014
Is kicking off today!!
A week full of long days, appointments, creative booths, great people watching, lots of Fashion and the Hunt for cool on trend and unique items that your customers will LOVE!
Oh… And we try to squeeze in some fun too! ( it is Vegas Babe!)
Here’s to a great week of shopping tell we drop!