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Friday Cocktail Hour

Friday cocktail hour


One of My Favorite Cocktails I created… Vanilla Pom
I get more Call’s about this drink “how do you make or what was that signature cocktail you severed ?”

It’s the Vanilla Pom and super easy to make and your guest will be calling you😘
You’ll need….
Pom 100% pomegranate Juice
Vanilla Vodka
S.pellegrino or club Soda
And lime or pomegranate seeds for garnish.

2 parts Pom, 1 shot of Vodka (vanilla vodka is the key) ice & stir
Add 1 part Pellegrino which give it the right amount of sparkle ✨
Garnish and serve

Hope you enjoy your Friday night and remember to drink responsibly ❤D’Arcy