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Happy November

blanket scarf
blanket scarf Season! $24.99 in shop or online! 

Happy November! Boy the Months are flying by! Thanksgiving is just around the corner and we are getting the shop ready for ALL the Holiday Festivities!  Family Pictures, Thanksgiving outfits, Shop Small week! We can’t wait for you to see All the New Lines and Merchandise will be carrying this year! Make sure to stop by often as New arrival’s are Filling our shelve’s Daily!


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2016 Recap… Favorite’s and Life changing ,A look back💕

2016 Recap.. Favorite’s and Life Changing… A look back💕

NYFW Red carpet event @ Inglot Studio
NYFW a bucket list dream and being able to share with my sister
One of Our Boutiques that I carefully designed and created!
Fox 13 News A Fashion Segment on “The Place”
Ritz Carlton St.Thomas ,20 year wedding anniversary
Getting Back to my Bikini body…
My men on a Family Trip to Santa Barbara
Homeless bags, giving more and accomplishing more random act of kindness
Becoming the Model for the shop

As 2016 came to a end I needed to Share some of my greatest memories, Accoplishments and life changers… 2016 was a big year of change for me in Many ways from health, business and lifestyle.

I have loved Fashion & interior design since I was a little girl Designing Barbies Dream house and Building her wardrobe. So of course I have dreamed of going to New York Fashion Week since I was a little girl. It was a dream come true to exsperience this & being able to share with my sister made it icing on the cake. ( read about our Trip here)

Making Changes in business….my husband and I have owned Chic Style clothing boutique for 7 years. It’s been a dream, Hard work, reaching goals, long Hours, lost family time, big learning lessons ( good & bad) building wonderful relationship and helping woman look and feel good…. We built to 3 stores a website and a monthly Subscription business in this time with a goal of 5 shops… Lots of Prayers and some bumps ,we were on our way to the 5 and along the way ( and more prayers) our goals changed…. We realized Bigger isn’t better, Work smarter not harder and Our family was growing up to Fast and were missing it!  We down sized Now to Our 1 South Ogden shop a website and our subscription box. We have other dreams we are wanting to accomplish (which we will share soon) we are Happy with our dession’s ( don’t think tears weren’t shed and some heartache felt, even some failure thought) But as time went on we knew we made the right choices. Because of the choices we made in 2016 we were able to spend more time with Our boys, go on vacations, devote more time with God and I believe where on the right path for 2017 in business and life. Thank you for supporting us and sharing us on our journey as small buisness owners💕 ( more one our Buisness story here)

A business goal achieved…. Making it on Fox 13 News with a fashion segment on  (The Place)  was a big goal achieved with the help of my friend Jen Berns I got a call to do my first tv spot and was lucky enough for it to have gone well that I got asked back In November and looking forward to two more segements in January and February. I know God had his had in this and believe me I am counting my blessings🙏🏻

20 years of Marriage is My biggest accomplishment of 2016, I am Lucky to be Married to a man I adore , My best friend, who shares the same values and supports my goals. Being married 20 years has been truly easy to this loving & easy going man. We celebrated with a first class Trip and our First ever vacation with out our kids (our trip post here) to The Ritz Carlton St. Thomas  and then off  with 8 of our friends on a private yacht to tour the BVI’s truly a trip of a life time. Wishing  I was planing this trip again it was so fabulous! Almost a “pinch me” is it real kind of trip!

I shared my Health , Hormone and weight challenge with you several post back (read here) I finally got answers, felt better and got my bikini body back, not perfect in any way and still working on it but at least I feel like I can be seen in a bathing suit again😘 ( this is a big deal to a girl who loves the beach and her Sunday lake day’s)

My men❤️ What I live for …. I couldn’t imagine my life with out them! Because of our Buisness choices this year , we were able to have more time to share as a family and go on some much need vacation ‘s.  2016 was the First time I ever made a list of resolution ( I will share my 2016 list with you & the results in  the next week) 1 of my resolutions was to getaway more & travel. I really wanted to go somewhere every month, even if it was a little weekend getaway !  Resolution achieved✔️ It made the year so enjoyable I made it be a 2017 resolution as well! It is life changing and really is worth taking the time to make a break a priority.  Fun family bonding and great memories made.

My Family and I try to give back and help others. 2016 I made another Resolution to Give back more, help more and come up with more Randome acts of kindness. We were able with the help of Many Family & friends to reach our Goal of 200 Homeless giving bags (we achieved 212) Next year our goal is 500.  I will be doing a post on our details of what’s in our bags and our process this month so stay tuned.    As for our Random Acts of Kindness … I am a Junior league Member and this year one of the members came up with a challenge, which was perfect because I was already thinking of ideas to put into play… With a their challenge I was given 50 cards to attach Random acts too and pass out…. What a joy to see the look on people’s faces. It really does make your life better to be able to GIVE❤️  If you want to see what I did check out my Instagram @darcyvandenberg to see the post.

Owning a Boutique, selling clothes is the main part of  our Buisness. I realized what ever I wear in our shops I sell out of. A light went on ( yes it only took 6 years)  I need to Model the clothing  and post the new arrivals. I did think of it Earlier but honest I didn’t have the time to model and set up shoots with 3 shops. One of the positive things to come out of down sizing and boy has it helped sales. People having been loving it and comment how much they love the change.  Happy  I could use some tips from my old modeling  days and my hubby is a decent photographer.

I hope you enjoyed my recap of 2016, I love sharing with you my Top 9  ❤️D’Arcy

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7 year Birthday Celebration

Chic Style turn’s 7 this week!

First off I have to share How blessed I am to have come this far I could not Have done it without you and your support! I am truly honored and humbled that out of All the places and choices you have to shop you pick Chic Style as one to support. My family and I are so thankful that you support our Family business and we get to do what we love❤️

Making it 7 Years is a true blessing…. We have gone through growth, bumps, joy, heartbreak, lessons and God blessing all with your support! We truly are thankful for you and the support you give us! Building A business is hard work,requires long hours, sweat, passion and a lot of love & or course great clientele. Building the friendships we’ve gain over the years is a blessing and one of my biggest joys. I love the chatting, getting to know you, about your family and lives! Getting to be apart of dressing you and picking out that perfect outfit, dress or even gift makes it that much more rewarding!

I thank you❤️

This weeks Celebration August 8-13th is about Thanking you! We will be serving daily Cupcakes by Lovely cake’s ( a new south Ogden bakery), prizes, gift with purchase, so many deals on Must have FALL item’s ccbeanies $10, blanket scarf’s $10 $5.00 leggings & statement necklaces , $12 tees, $30 jeans and a shop full of the latest Fall arrival’s…. Don’t forget 20% off 1 item with email or text✔️


Turning 7 …. Wow I can’t believe how fast the time goes…I can truly say I feel great about where Chic Style has come and where our business is going! We have so many Great things in the works for you to share in!

Our website is one of the things we have been working on… Bringing you more items we carry in the shop online, so if your a online shopper keep watching our online shop!

Our blog has been another place we have been trying hard to keep you informed and getting closer to knowing Me & My style, a touch of our “home” & outside the “shop life”… Not to mention tips and my fav’s! We post once a week so I hope you signed up to receive the email link! (On website and in emails)

Once a week Email and VIP text is a great way to stay connected, get a deal or coupon. ( link on website) we Do Not spam or  share our list! We love our customer’s and do not want to bam bard you so we do 1 email & 1 text weekly💕

Our Instagram chicstyleutah & our Chic Style VIP Facebook page is the way to check out our Daily arrivals, giveaways, outfit inspiration’s!

Chic Stylebox is our monthly subscription box for $21.99 2-3 fashion accessories mailed to your door that really is a great deal and makes for a great gift! Who doesn’t want a surprise box coming to your door!

Chic Style South Ogden ( Our boutiques store front) has been getting a facelift a little at a time so if you haven’t been in a while come see all our changes! Also note we have been working really hard at finding ALL the latest affordable fashions and stocking more Items then we ever have! NEW merchandise Dailey!!!  1695 east Skyline dr, South Ogden Ut. 84310

Our Latest Excitement….Our New Clothing Line Will be launched by Christmas! I have had a dream of having this line for several years now and It’s finally coming True…. Stay tuned❤️

Thank you for Sharing in our dreams and helping our family business grow and be the best it can be we appreciate your support and love!

Thank you, D’Arcy, Ben, Hudson, Hampton and the Girl’s at Chic Style



7 years as a Boutique owner!
7 years as a Boutique owner!
Chic Style celebrates 7 years!
Chic Style celebrates 7 years!
So excited to celebrate with you! Thankful for the 7 years of your support!
So excited to celebrate with you! Thankful for the 7 years of your support!
We celebrated with a cold stone sweet cream! Perfect way to end our Hot Summer photo shoot!
We celebrated with a cold stone sweet cream! Perfect way to end our Hot Summer photo shoot!
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Girlfriend Squad

Girl power, in Support of our Friend and artist Ashley Stoddard @ the Rape recovery fundraiser in Salt Lake City, which Ashley is a big supporter! Visit our website to view & purchase her work for a cause pendent's!
Girl power, in Support of our Friend and artist Ashley Stoddard @ the Rape recovery fundraiser in Salt Lake City, which Ashley is a big supporter! Visit our website to view & purchase her work for a cause pendent’s!

In today’s world of “squad goals” and ” Desperate house wife’s”  in the REAL world we call it girlfriends or I’ll call mine “girlfriend squad” …. I am lucky, very lucky to have a wonderful group of Christain, working moms, Happily married, Strong & literally as Beautiful inside as on the outside Woman to call my friends ” girlfriend squad “. my mom had always said ” your lucky to count your true friends on one hand!” With My Circle of woman I am blessed beyond to count them on my fingers and toes!  These woman I choose to surround myself with, support each other’s dreams, listen, care for you and your family, will be there for you in heartache as will as your successes. True genuine loving woman. Build your “Tribe or Squad” with ones that care…. Drop the toxic ones You’ll see how your life improves….

With  the ” Desperate housewives ” treating each other BAD, being Jealous, fake and not happy for their “so called friends” achievement…. Is not how I would want to have friendships . It saddens me to see these relationships and it’s NOT how woman friendships should be…. Woman need Woman ,True friends to build each other up with kind words not to cut them down.  Last weeks sermon by Joel Osteen was about “Tame your tongue”, don’t say everything you feel…. ( this is sometimes very hard for me because I am always so honest)…. I honestly don’t mean it In a hurtful way…I have always tried to be uplifting, caring and supportive and I have been told I am a good listener! Over the years I have learned to think before I speak. To be thoughtful, kind and giving  Joel stated “Start good fires, spark dreams & encouragement”  This to me is a big reason Woman need woman!  Woman Need Support and someone else to understand what they are going through in their daily lives! Good woman encourage their friends, Nobody needs “drama” we have enough in our regular life!  friendship shouldn’t have “drama” it should help relieve stress! Should be fun, kind and  supportive. ” Live happy, Sow kindness, reap Kindness…

Nobody’s perfect…. Every once in awhile you can say or hurt feeling… But not on purpose… Hurtful & constantly  toxic people bring you down and steal your joy! If you have this in your life… Make a change…. Find the good, your life will be so much happier, healthier, and enriched….

“Love over looks a wrong, Keep peace, keep your joy!” “Over come evil with good, avoid a fight is a work of honor”.  Joel Osteen

Enjoy your week & all it blessings and may you find A girl squad that brings you Joy ❤️D’Arcy

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Summer Bedding

Summer Bedding

Ahhhhh….. The change of the Season! One of My favorite times of the year SUMMER,

Long Day’s,  Open windows, warm temperatures and the longing to be outside!

All the reasons to Give your room a little redo.

The Decorator in me is alway’s changing  stuff but when it comes to our Bedding I change it twice a year ( not the sheets people I wash those every week😉) I change out the Comforter, pillow , shams and even our Minky’s…. From heavy winter blankets, flannel sheets and our thick Compforter in Darker color’s to Our Light weight sheets, pillows and x the Blankets for just This Beautiful light weight cotton Quilt by Anthropology in White. Perfect for the Summer temperatures. I even change our Minky Couture blankets to the lighter version. If you don’t have a Minky Couture blanket your really missing out! In our home everyone has a blanket( a Minky Blanket) even in the Summer you’ll catch me using mine snuggling up reading or lounging there so soft our cats even find it to lay on!

I personally love changing the look of the room with the season.. Tip go with a Wall paint that is easy to change seasons around… Our walls are Mindful Grey ( which happens to be a Big color Joanna Gaines uses from fixer upper)  We painted our room this color before I learned it’s one of her favorite pick’s! I know why ….it works with every accent color and changes with the lighting from soft to crisp! I love it❤️

Adding in the little details….. Our Night stands ( different on both sides) Are desk, painted metallic silver. I love the size a versatility used as a night stand! It’s the First thing I see in the morning and last thing I see when I go to Bed, so needless to say I like pretty things on it.  Fresh flowers are always a must ( it’s my weekly treat to myself) photos of my boys, my wedding rings and my daily read, are some of the things I always have on it.  Seasonal changes are Adding a bowl of shells we collected over the years, changing out my boys photo’s to ones of them at the Beach and a yummy Summer scented Candle ( loving the new coconut one by Voulspa at our shop! YUM) Just these small changes make a BIG impact on your mood and the feel of your space for each season.

I hope I inspired you to make a little or Big seasonal change in your Bedroom!

Have a great week❤️



Summer bedding, Master Bedroom peek... Crisp white, silver, golds... Black Bed and Grey Walls!
Summer bedding, Master Bedroom peek… Crisp white, silver, golds… Black Bed and Grey Walls!
Summer bedding Crisp White with a touch of soft Grey. Anthropology and throw blanket Minky Couture.
Summer bedding
Crisp White with a touch of soft Grey. Anthropology and throw blanket Minky Couture.
Summer touch Adding a few Summer memories to my Nightstand... Boys at the beach & seashells
Summer touch
Adding a few Summer memories to my Nightstand… Boys at the beach & seashells
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Mother’s Day

A little peek into My Mother’s Day! The real Day not the Instagram or Facebook how people view your day… Day

Mother’s Day
Mother’s Day has a different meaning to everyone…..
Some like to share it with all the family….( mom’s, nana’s auntie’s etc)
Some like to be lazy and not get Out of their pj’s…
Some like to get all dressed up and go to Brunch….
Some just like to be remembered….

As for Me ,Mother’s Day I would love to do all of the above but of course that’s not possible!
We don’t live near our family, so it’s just the 4 of us! I never have big expectations for Mother’s Day as they never seem to be what I would picture in my head! ( 1 Mother’s Day I was electrocuted 😁) I am a Mother of boy’s and I try to teach them to be loving , caring and thoughtful…. They’re good boys… But Thinking of me isn’t always on the top of they’re list ( we’ve had long chats over this!) so being truly honest here…. I don’t have big expectations!
( nor do I think I need too, a what can I do for you today mom? Would be awesome)

This year is been a crazy couple of weeks and I just wanted a day in my Pj’s relaxing, a good breakfast

( would have loved a stack of something sweet😍 but not possible on Whole30) scrolling through Instagram and watching hallmark channel and HGTV!
My day started off the way I was hoping…. Except the 6 am enteral alarm clock!
Hubby Made a perfect whole30 breakfast, and we laid in bed watching Joel Olsteen and scrolling Instagram until my boys got up around 10…. No Happy Mother’s Day ( oh 1 kid was at sleep over so hubby ran and got him)
First thing out of my oldest Mouth is what are we doing today…. We’re not gonna just stay home and do nothing are we!!!! Still no Happy Mother’s Day
My Hubby and youngest came home with a card and flower ( which I know was purchase that morning) and we are doing something today right? I really should have said did you guys plan something but I didn’t….I went back to doing what I wanted to do which was lounging around!
Around 1 my hubby asked” what do you want to do?” I stated the above and said but our kids would love to do something!….. He said well it’s up to you!
So…. Because I am a MoM…. As most of us are, that put our kids wants before ours…. I said ok let’s go to Movies and dinner….not to see Mother’s Day as I would have picked but to see Captain America because of course I am a MOM of boys❤️
The movie was great and our Dinner at Twigs was awesome, we even squeezed in some shopping…my day didn’t go as planned but I spent it with The ones I love Most!
Let’s face it any time we get to spend the day with no phones and your boys attention is the Best gift you can get❤️
Most of us Mom’s don’t have have the perfect day or the perfect family but in each day I hope we can teach and learn lessons to be the best person we can be!
I hope your Mother’s Day turned out to be what you had planned or even better then the plans in your head❤️
Have a Beautiful week, D’Arcy

Breakfast in bed made by the hubby whole30
Breakfast in bed made by the hubby whole30
My outfit for the day…. It’s chilly and rainy here in Utah!
Another shot of my Quick Mother’s Day outfit… Dazzling sweater, Edison jeans, fedora and New balance tennis shoes!
My Boy’s❤️ The love’s of my lives! Hudson 19 and Hampton 13 ( remember I am 5’9 1/2 ) they grow so fast