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2016 Recap… Favorite’s and Life changing ,A look back💕

2016 Recap.. Favorite’s and Life Changing… A look back💕

NYFW Red carpet event @ Inglot Studio
NYFW a bucket list dream and being able to share with my sister
One of Our Boutiques that I carefully designed and created!
Fox 13 News A Fashion Segment on “The Place”
Ritz Carlton St.Thomas ,20 year wedding anniversary
Getting Back to my Bikini body…
My men on a Family Trip to Santa Barbara
Homeless bags, giving more and accomplishing more random act of kindness
Becoming the Model for the shop

As 2016 came to a end I needed to Share some of my greatest memories, Accoplishments and life changers… 2016 was a big year of change for me in Many ways from health, business and lifestyle.

I have loved Fashion & interior design since I was a little girl Designing Barbies Dream house and Building her wardrobe. So of course I have dreamed of going to New York Fashion Week since I was a little girl. It was a dream come true to exsperience this & being able to share with my sister made it icing on the cake. ( read about our Trip here)

Making Changes in business….my husband and I have owned Chic Style clothing boutique for 7 years. It’s been a dream, Hard work, reaching goals, long Hours, lost family time, big learning lessons ( good & bad) building wonderful relationship and helping woman look and feel good…. We built to 3 stores a website and a monthly Subscription business in this time with a goal of 5 shops… Lots of Prayers and some bumps ,we were on our way to the 5 and along the way ( and more prayers) our goals changed…. We realized Bigger isn’t better, Work smarter not harder and Our family was growing up to Fast and were missing it!  We down sized Now to Our 1 South Ogden shop a website and our subscription box. We have other dreams we are wanting to accomplish (which we will share soon) we are Happy with our dession’s ( don’t think tears weren’t shed and some heartache felt, even some failure thought) But as time went on we knew we made the right choices. Because of the choices we made in 2016 we were able to spend more time with Our boys, go on vacations, devote more time with God and I believe where on the right path for 2017 in business and life. Thank you for supporting us and sharing us on our journey as small buisness owners💕 ( more one our Buisness story here)

A business goal achieved…. Making it on Fox 13 News with a fashion segment on  (The Place)  was a big goal achieved with the help of my friend Jen Berns I got a call to do my first tv spot and was lucky enough for it to have gone well that I got asked back In November and looking forward to two more segements in January and February. I know God had his had in this and believe me I am counting my blessings🙏🏻

20 years of Marriage is My biggest accomplishment of 2016, I am Lucky to be Married to a man I adore , My best friend, who shares the same values and supports my goals. Being married 20 years has been truly easy to this loving & easy going man. We celebrated with a first class Trip and our First ever vacation with out our kids (our trip post here) to The Ritz Carlton St. Thomas  and then off  with 8 of our friends on a private yacht to tour the BVI’s truly a trip of a life time. Wishing  I was planing this trip again it was so fabulous! Almost a “pinch me” is it real kind of trip!

I shared my Health , Hormone and weight challenge with you several post back (read here) I finally got answers, felt better and got my bikini body back, not perfect in any way and still working on it but at least I feel like I can be seen in a bathing suit again😘 ( this is a big deal to a girl who loves the beach and her Sunday lake day’s)

My men❤️ What I live for …. I couldn’t imagine my life with out them! Because of our Buisness choices this year , we were able to have more time to share as a family and go on some much need vacation ‘s.  2016 was the First time I ever made a list of resolution ( I will share my 2016 list with you & the results in  the next week) 1 of my resolutions was to getaway more & travel. I really wanted to go somewhere every month, even if it was a little weekend getaway !  Resolution achieved✔️ It made the year so enjoyable I made it be a 2017 resolution as well! It is life changing and really is worth taking the time to make a break a priority.  Fun family bonding and great memories made.

My Family and I try to give back and help others. 2016 I made another Resolution to Give back more, help more and come up with more Randome acts of kindness. We were able with the help of Many Family & friends to reach our Goal of 200 Homeless giving bags (we achieved 212) Next year our goal is 500.  I will be doing a post on our details of what’s in our bags and our process this month so stay tuned.    As for our Random Acts of Kindness … I am a Junior league Member and this year one of the members came up with a challenge, which was perfect because I was already thinking of ideas to put into play… With a their challenge I was given 50 cards to attach Random acts too and pass out…. What a joy to see the look on people’s faces. It really does make your life better to be able to GIVE❤️  If you want to see what I did check out my Instagram @darcyvandenberg to see the post.

Owning a Boutique, selling clothes is the main part of  our Buisness. I realized what ever I wear in our shops I sell out of. A light went on ( yes it only took 6 years)  I need to Model the clothing  and post the new arrivals. I did think of it Earlier but honest I didn’t have the time to model and set up shoots with 3 shops. One of the positive things to come out of down sizing and boy has it helped sales. People having been loving it and comment how much they love the change.  Happy  I could use some tips from my old modeling  days and my hubby is a decent photographer.

I hope you enjoyed my recap of 2016, I love sharing with you my Top 9  ❤️D’Arcy

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New Year’s Eve Bringing in 2017

Tonight we’re saying good bye to 2016 and Ringing in 2017 …. Are you having a party, Hosting friends , heading to a big shindig or staying at home watching the Ball drop?  Any way you choose to celebrate I hope your New year brings you blessings, love, dreams achieved and a healthy 2017.

Here’s a little peek into our Space, My Hubby built our Bar for my Birthday last year and I really do need to do a post just about it! I love to entertain and it has brought us much enjoyment. This is where we spend or Sunday’s With family and friends❤️

For Tonight We are still deciding if we’re heading to our close Family friends for a party or staying home and chilling… We’ve had a crazy season in Retail and our Boys are not feeling so hot ( one has a concussion from a ski accident….. And the other caught my nephews cold over Christmas) so we’ll see what their wanting to do. We always spend New Years with our boys and lucky to have Friends that love to throw Family parties not just adults so tonight our plans our up to our boys….So your Thinking Why is our bar decorated? Well if you know me you know I love a chance to decorate & I found some cute New things this year & mixed with some old Things, I think I came up with a cute New Years Eve display to celebrate 2017 No matter what we decide to do🎉🍾

View of our Bar room, set up for Bringing in the New Year.
Festive decor garland purchased on etsy, cheers light available at Target, disco balls Ti pan, sip & cheers bottles anthropology, DIY champagne bottle , stir sticks and other accessories Target! Sequins runner Homegoods
New Year’s Eve 2017 a little peek at our festivities happening in our Bar
Champagne toast DIY glitter Champagne bottle , see prior post on how to make🍾
Every closet should have a little Black dress  this one I purchased at Nordstrom over the summer just to have on hand

if I was ever in need of a cocktail dress.

Perfect little black dress & accessories
Accessories statement Bracelet , Rhinstone earring's and Yves St Lauren lipstick
Cocktail dress by Adrianna Papell @ Nordstrom
Badgley Mischka Silver wedge with Rhinstone detail

With out knowing our plans for this evening I put together some outfit choice’s just in case… A girl needs opptions  and I like to be ready 😘 I really do suggest having a couple of little black dresses and some fancy not practical shoes in your closet, you never know when you might need! As for the shoes this could be cute on a date night with Jeans and a tee with a leather jacket…. Or in the summer with shorts and a tank❤️ Always thinking ahead….  I consider  this one of the basic’s Every girl should own. I post a couple days ago some cute top options that would be cute with leather pants and heels for a festive look with out being so dressy.   So do your self a favor and be on the look out for both…. I hope you enjoyed a sneak peek into our Home & my closet.

No matter what your doing to ring in the New Year I hope you look smashing and  Make it a Great and festive night! Be safe and responsible ❤️D’Arcy

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Getting ready for New Years Eve ….Nails, Champagne & clothes

New Year’s Eve nail and Diy Glitter Champagne bottle


Sparkle and Glitz

2016 is coming to an end….  Later this week All post My 2016  resolutions and how it turned out

( It was the first year I made any Resolution’s)  As we get closer to New Years Eve I thought I would share a couple things I did to get ready for the night. First thing was I had my cute nail girl do my nails In a fun champagne toast theme… I hadn’t decided what I was wearing so we went with a mix of  things. Red on 3, 1 white with rose gold & silver  glitter over white and a black nail with a hand painted silver flute….. Now I can pick any outfit and it will work knowing my festive clothes are All in those tones….

2nd was to create a DIY project with a bottle of Champagne ….. Everything looks better with glitter 💕 You’ll need a bottle, mod podge,  a brush and glitter of your choice ( I did gold , rose gold and silver)  spray sealer .   cover bottle in mod podge roll or sprinkle fitter on and let dry… Repeat if layering color’s , let dry  then spray with sealant or cover with mod podge again let dry… Voilà a pretty Bottle for your New Years festivities 🎉🍾

3rd.  Finding a festive outfit in your closet…. Funny thing, I went into my closet and pulled all my sparkle or festive tops, any thing with beading, sequins or flash…. It all happened to be in the same blush, gold, white, cream family…. I am drawn to sparkles, beading and metallic so I had a few good choices to pick from out of my years of collecting. TIP it’s good to save classic dressy pieces.  I was only pulling tops or vest to see what I could come up with. I found some cute items that would go perfectly  with Black leather pants and heals…. Add some fun accessories and your set. Knowing  we are probably going to a house party , Where you want to look festive but not over dressed. ( we were invited to a black tie cocktail party as well and will show that outfit tomorrow)  hope you find inspiration in this post and can dig up some great treasures in your closet.

Happy Last week of 2016 ❤️D’Arcy

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Holiday in Pink

Holiday in PINK

Re-thinking the Traditional Holiday red & green for This years Holiday Color💕 it’s ok not to do the traditional color’s and decorate & wear color’s that make you happy.  Pale pink is my favorite color, I think it makes for a fun Holiday color , Soft, looks pretty with fresh greenery and perfect in Snow. Nothing like a big cozy sweater in your favorite color to help you enjoy the cooler weather and enjoy the Holiday festivities .  Branch out and choose a color that makes you look and feel good😘

Sweater by Leith , jeans by Edyson, shoes Badgley Mischka, large pink ring Zenzii, eyeliner Teddy by Mac and Lipstick and liner Chanel 05  mordore nude liner / 54 boy lipstick

Enjoy your Holiday season ❤️D’Arcy


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Winter Bedding to cozy up the Master Bedroom

Winter bedding black and white demask with Stripe , finished with Fur pillow's and A Minky Couture blanket.
Winter bedding black and white demask with Stripe , finished with Fur pillow’s and A Minky Couture blanket.

image image image image

Changing of the season….As the Days get shorter and Night’s get Colder , Our Master Bedroom gets cozier❤️  Do you change your Bedding seasonally?  Add More Blankets or completely change your look?   I love the opportunity for change, add layers and give our room a NEW look..

To get our look I change out the curtain’s  from the light summer lace to the raw Lined Silk drape’s ( pottery barn )  The heavier Curtain also helps keep the heat in.  I add Rug’s to each side of the Bed to add texture and warmth ( Tgmax)  Our Bedding set I purchase a couple years ago  I saw on Pintrest from Macy’s. The comforter is thicker then our (Summer bedding duvet from anthropology ) and reversible, for yet another option . The Set included a comforter , dust ruffle, 2 pillow shams . I added on the European Chevron Pillow….because I am pillow obsessed ( I am always buying pillows) I purchased the 2 fur pillows and the sequined deer from Homegoods at different times. I do find it easy to change out pillows when I get board or need a new look… Hence a reason I am alway purchasing NEW ones. I am lucky I have a great storage room to store all my props and interior Season decor items.  I Am in love with the Over sized dust ruffle that flares out of t he sides of the bed. It just adds that special touch!   Black and white is just a classic  color scheme that  works with our Grey walls ( Bengamin Moore) And easy to accent with any other pop of color if you wish. I love adding a pop of light pink around Valentine’s Day 💕 Another way I add a touch of warmth and luxury for the cooler months is a fur blanket our families favorite ( Minky couture) Looks beautiful thrown on the bed and cozy warm to snuggle up with.  The last detail is I add a spruce Wreath around a glittered dear head above our headboard. ( growing up in California we had earthquakes, you don’t put Heavy object above your sleeping head!)

I often get asked about my choice for night stands…..I am not a fan of Matchy Matchy bedroom sets… Yes my dressers match our bed but to add a special touch I got two differnt desk and painted both of them in silver spray paint and topped with mirror to give them a chic look and I love having the space a desk has to offer over a small night stand. Thinking out of the Box to create a space that works for you:)

Hope you enjoyed your little Bedroom tour:) and inspired you to add winter warmth to your room.

❤️ D’Arcy

Vintage desk diy
Vintage desk diy  nightstand, My Side of the Bed💕
Our reading knook
Our reading nook💕


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Dry Bar lover

Dry Bar NYC
Dry Bar NYC

image image image image

My Sister and I after Our First Blow out & Style In NYC at the Parker Meridian Dry Bar ( no Make up😬)

My personal Dry Bar products.... I have been using for 2 years❤️
My personal Dry Bar products…. I have been using for 2 years❤️
Dry Bar Las Vegas
Dry Bar Las Vegas


The New Bag and just launched Dry bar Book!
The New Bag and just launched Dry bar Book!

Oh My… Have you been to a dry Bar? If you haven’t it’s a must do when your in a town that has one❤️

What is a dry Bar you ask? It’s a “Happy Place ” for woman, to Have Great hair at a affordable price in a fun and Chic Salon with Fabulous smelling products and serves a yummy drink!  This is just a place for a Wash, blow out that gives you body and shine , finishing it off with great Styling!  No other services are preformed here which means no yucky smells and is spotless from hair and dust from nails! It’s a pure delight!

Lets talk Hair… My Hair I am a natural blond with Silky straight thin hair but I have a decent amount for hair for it being fine….. My mom has been a hair dresser for over 40 years and has never felt hair like mine…. Yes it’s tricky hair!  ( a huge reason I haven’t changed my hair since elementary school ) Really… This is the first Year without bangs!!! We did try a perm once my senior year in High school… I want BIG 90’s hair and well let’s just say the perm didn’t take… When I washed my hair 2 days later it when back to stick straight!!! No Big hair for this girl… But Boy I tried with Hot rollers , sponge rollers, teasing and tons of Aqua Net!    My mom always cut my hair dry and I never got a hair wash in the Shampoo bowl…. Because it would be a nightmare of tangles!!!! I am very tender headed as well !

Years later I moved to Utah.. I found Nume Curling wands…. A curling Iron that actually curls my hair and stays for a whole day!! ( more on Numa wands in Next week’S post) Mom wasn’t close anymore but we see each other almost every other month, which she’ll give me a trim and about once a year gives me some highlights ( I didn’t need until my late 30’s and moving to Utah…the California Sun worked in my favor)  So I realized I need to find someone I could trust My hair too that wouldn’t kill me or ruin my delicate hair! My cute nail girl Sheridan was just finishing hair school and works at an Aveda saloon. We talked about my hair at several nail appointments and I decided she listened to my concerns and really thought she could do a good job with my hair:). So Yes my First Hair appointment was in MY 40’s…..  I booked for some highlights, a cut and a blow out….. I loved it and she helped me to Trust someone besides my mama with my hair!   I needed to give you this little background to help you understand why Blow out’s are Special to Me….

The Dry Bar exsperience ….. My First time was with My Sister Tiana ( who has fab Hair, thick, curly and is not tender headed . She’s a natural brunette and can do anything to her hair) We were in NYC for Fashion Week and it was a Bucket list to go to a dry Bar…. I bought a Dry Bar blow dry a couple years ago and some of their product and I was in LOVE❤️  I started looking into what Is this Dry Bar…A place that Just Blows out your Hair swears they give you body to all types of hair and Style that last a couple of Days???( I am lucky if mine last the day!). So this was something I was intrigued by. Is this true could they give me a style that last even for 2 days… Not kill my head or rip out my hair from tangling it into a mess…. Why yes .. YES they could!!!!

Dry Bar NYC, We arrived to be treated with a mimosa and met our cute Stylist… Who asked us what we wanted…the Straight, Manhattan, Cosmo, Mai Tai, dirty Martini, southern comfort ,Etc I opted for The Southern Comfort Big Hair , lots of Volume with curls❤️❤️  It was  such a great exsperience and our hair lasted 3days..( mine stayed curled 2 but still had body) We went again While in New York!! It was such a treat not to have to worry about hair on our Trip!

On My Birthday  we were in Las Vegas, The Dry bar Opened here in July so of course it was a must do with my mom…..when we arrived Home from our Trip The New Book & bag was on my door step ( Can’t wait to read it ALL) I’ll keep you posted😘

This has become a favorite & something I will exsperience when I am in any City that has a Dry Bar ( I keep asking for them to put one at Farmington station in Utah)  so please do your self a favor and make an appointment for a blow out at The Dry Bar….. For cities near you….. Can’t get to one…. Order their products on their website  or online at  The smell of their Products are amazing and have changed my hair!  Dry Bar lover❤️

Hope your hair has great style this week😘 D’Arcy

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Flared Jeans

Sts flared Jean trouser  Areve lace top Christian Louboutin shoes
Sts flared Jean trouser
Areve lace top
Christian Louboutin shoes

image image image image image

The Flared Trouser Jean….It’s not always about the Skinny Jean. All though the skinny is super versatile. The flared Trouser  has a great place in your Jean pile. The flared Jean works great for a dressed up look Shown above & perfect for making your legs look longer. Typically sold with a longer heam  works perfect with a heel and you want it to cover the top of your foot so your shoe peeps out, given you a longer leg💕 Now who doesn’t want that! 😘

Enjoy your week❤️ D’Arcy

Happy to answer any fashion questions,  just leave a comment 😘


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Birthday Celebrating 45

Wishing in 45
Wishing in 45 With our Utah friends at the Pumpkin Patch


Birthday Lunch with My family at Maggiano’s @ fashion Show in Las Vegas

Shopping with my mom and Boys in Las Vegas
Shopping with my mom and Boys in Las Vegas
Dry Bar Las Vegas
Dry Bar Las Vegas
Turning 45
Turning 45



My long Time girlfriend Opened a Boutique ( a dream of hers for years)  Rowan on Santa Claus lane in Carpinteria….so it was a Joy to go visit her, Shop her Boutique and go out to Lunch❤️


Santa Barbara
Santa Barbara , cliff Hike with Ocean view, My Hubby and I went for a 2. 1/2 hour hike in the cliff’s and then hiked down to the ocean…. ( where my phone fell in!)  


My Men❤️ Sunday Breakfest and a morning Beach walk!

Turning 45….. Wow I don’t feel 45… Where does the time go? I can honestly say age really doesn’t matter, It’s all  in how you feel and act.  I try to take care of myself, stay busy and love life…. Rocking in 45 is just another number BUT the Long weekend celebrating it was a blast!  I couldn’t have asked for a better way to celebrate….Wonderful people, good food, some of my favorite Things & My loves all in the City & the Beach! One Happy Girl! Thanks to everybody who helped celebrate with me. ❤️D’Arcy


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NYFW Part 3 Our outfits

Street Style.... Little black dress, Valentino shoes and Jimmy Choo clutch
Street Style…. Little black dress, Valentino shoes and Jimmy Choo clutch, leather choker 
Valentino Rockstud ankle strap in patent leather with Nappa straps. Platinum-finish studs made in Italy
Valentino Rockstud ankle strap in patent leather with Nappa straps. Platinum-finish studs made in Italy
Street Style ( Tiana Holiday)
Street Style ( Tiana Holiday)
Cream Lace dress, Off the shoulder, leather strap clog sandal worn for the Social House event @shopstyle
Cream Lace dress, Off the shoulder, leather strap clog sandal worn for the Social House event @shopstyle
Style Shop Social House... Photo compliment's of #Square CASh
Style Shop Social House… Photo compliment’s of #Square CASh 
Tiana Holiday
Tiana Holiday
Street style Time Square
Street style Time Square, Kut from the Kloth Leather jacket, Kut from the Kloth Button up shirt? jcrew beaded skirt, Gucci clutch,  Chanel jewelry 
Street style photography in Time square {Sister's}
Street style photography in Time square {Sister’s}
Street Style casual
Street Style casual… Edyson Jeans, Splended Tank, Havannah Flip flops, Hobo Bag, Tiffany Silver Jewelry,rayban Sun glasses
Street Style in Brooklyn heading to "ART meets Fashion" display
Street Style in Brooklyn heading to “ART meets Fashion” display
Cristina Ruales Dance performance at Inglot studio's
Cristina Ruales Dance performance at Inglot studio’s
Tiana Holiday ( my sister) Cristina Rules Dance performance at Inglot studios
Tiana Holiday ( my sister)
Cristina Rules Dance performance at Inglot studios
Black Leather jeans, black pletted tank and , black Open toe booties, Jimmy Choo clutch
Black Leather jeans, black pletted tank and , black Open toe strap bootie wedge BCBG , Jimmy Choo clutch
Street style , AC/DC junk Food tee, patch skinny jeans by Kut from the Kloth
Street style , AC/DC junk Food tee, patch skinny jeans by Kut from the Kloth, Jimmy Choo clutch

worn for our Morning Hair appointment’s

Street style, Black crisis cross tee, patched Kut from the Kloth Skinnies, Olive vest duster, converse tennis shoes...
Street style, Black crisis cross tee, patched Kut from the Kloth Skinnies, Olive vest duster, leather choker, cuff bracelet, converse tennis shoes…  Worn to watch a show, shopping and sight seeing:)

Street style

Kut from the Kloh Patched jeans .... Skinny and ankle cuffed
Kut from the kloth Patched jeans …. Skinny and ankle cuffed ❤️worn  at the Baccarat Bar
Leanne Marshell Runway Show at the skylight & pop up event by Hotel Hugony a Cute boutique Hotel!
Leanne Marshell Runway Show at the skylight & pop up event by Hotel Hugony a Cute boutique Hotel!

This outfit Black waxed Jeans ( jbrand) black crisis cross tee, and sequined jacket (j crew) black clutch Jimmy Choo and black open toe booties by Vince Camuto… Worn to 2 shows I had to rush from one too another without change…. Leanne Marshelle show & the Sherri Hill show

Kut from the Kloth outfit and BCBG shoes worn Arriving for NYFW
Kut from the Kloth outfit and BCBG shoes worn Arriving for NYFW

Out fit

NYFW …. The clothes! What to wear when you attend NWFW In the Fall….With this being My First Time, not a lot of time to plan and unusually warm weather, I felt I did pretty good on the packing and choosing the right outfits for for shows, travel, sight seeing and Nightlife. I didn’t feel out of place or uncomfortable in any situation but I did learn  pack only clothes that photograph well ( I wore a pretty dress that I love to the Social House event and It doesn’t photograph well…. It was perfect for Brunch which I knew It would be but I knew in my heart it wasn’t going to photograph well and it didn’t!) not having time to change to get to Social House…. I missed out on Having some great photograph opportunities….

I would make changes for sure….. Pack More skirts & dresses,  only clothes that photograph well, I didn’t need as much jewelry as I packed…. ( narrow down Jewlery to go with each outfit!) being my first time I brought Casual and dressy for each outfit❤️ I also brought to Many shoes Way to Many Shoes Narrow down to My Favorite Black Heel’s, shoes to match My dressier dress, 1 pair of sandals , pair of Tennis shoes and 1 flip flop and 1 Bootie or wedge! Really Take the time to match. Shoes to multiple outfits…Shoes weigh a lot and you really need the spare weight!

Things I packed that I was so thankful for…. My black waxy leather jeans I wore 3 times and made 3 completely different outfits with differnt tops, jacket, shoes and accessories ( sorry we were rushing so much of the Time we forgot pictures of some outfits) my leather jacket… Not because it was cold ( it was unbearably hot a couple of the days) but to add a cool factor on your shoulders! My Hobo bag ❤️ goes cross body for sight seeing And travel day’s,( 1pair Of trendy jeans, shoe pads, gel for the heels, foot cream, Bandades, 2 portable charges, airborne and aspirin.

More Packing Tips in a feature Post!

Hope you find some inspiration in some of what We wore for New York Fashion Week ,

❤️ D’Arcy

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The perfect denim jacket

The perfect denim jacket!

I get asked this question a lot what’s your favorite denim jacket or what jacket do you use the most?

Kut from the Kloth’s denim jacket in any wash is Perfect!

Here are some of the reasons I am telling You this is the PERFECT denim jacket.

It fits better then any denim jacket I have owned or tried on, it tucks In at the waist just enough to make it NOT boxy. It hits at the perfect spot to wear with anything from a dress to shorts, it’s soft and not to heavy. It’s price point is $79-89 which is a great medium price for great quality. I carry brands I Love and stand  by in our shop and this is one I can’t get enough of.

I own a Levi denim jacket and a Miss me denim jacket both I paid too much for and I never wear, either because to heavy or scratchy and because the fit isn’t just right.

A perfect reason EVERYONE should own a great denim jacket…. It’s timeless, it’s a perfect layering piece with lace dresses, pencil skirts, shorts, jeans, slacks and even tunics & leggings. I found I keep one in my Car all year long because you never know when you might need a little jacket and it’s goes with everything .

I have had customers buy cheaper denim jackets and more expensive ones and I get the same response.. I just love my Kut jacket I don’t wear the other ones! Even had a couple of customer’s misplace their favorite Kut jacket and ran to the nearest Target to grab a cheaper one… Thinking it’s just a denim jacket and sure enough they came and bought another Kut jacket because it just wasn’t the same!

If you don’t own a Kut from the Kloth Deenim jacket make it your next purchase! Every wardrobe needs a Great Denim jacket!

Chic style has in shop and online

Kut from the Kloth denim jacket in Med wash, I used the Nume wand #25mm , eye liner Teddy by Mac, lip stick miehr by Mac, lip gloss Angel by Mac
Kut from the Kloth denim jacket in Med wash, my hair I used the Nume wand #25mm , my make up I used eye liner Teddy by Mac, lip stick miehr by Mac, lip gloss Angel by Mac
Kut from the Kloth jacket in medium wash!
Kut from the Kloth jacket in medium wash!


Kut from the Kloth denim jacket in vintage wash! A photo shoot we did for Celestial Magazine
Kut from the Kloth denim jacket in vintage wash! A photo shoot we did for Celestial Magazine
Kut from the Kloth denim jacket in vintage wash! A photo shoot we did in the spring for celestial magazine, photo by Wren gracyn photography!
Kut from the Kloth denim jacket in vintage wash! A photo shoot we did in the spring for celestial magazine, photo by Wren gracyn photography!