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Hair Pieces??

With all these fun hair do’s out there you need a lot of long & thick hair…. Well maybe not??
Yes ,I do have long hair, a lot of long FINE hair! I can do a fishtail braid, a great top knot ( with no sock) side knots and great pony’s!! ( you say lucky me)
But what about all those styles that combine 2 or 3 of the above??
My trick… Shhh.. Little hair pieces!
No not extensions or glue ins that damage hair. I mean little pieces that are all ready braided ( like the headband I am wearing in photo) or a straight piece you can wrap a pony with ,a fun colored piece to pin in. Even a pony holder covered in your color hair!
The possibility’s are endless!
In the photo my side knot is cute and I have enough hair to make a fun full knot but if I would had braided it and then tried to put in side knot, I would have had nothing left!
Adding a braided headband changed the look from ok.. too compliment hair:)
So next time you want a fun do look for a little added helper!
( Jessica Simpson) hair line is great! Thank mom:)