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Heading to Market week Las Vegas 2014

Up early… Off to market!!
Which show first?
You have project… Big names and labels @Mandela bay
Magic… Contemporary , juniors, women’s and fills all of the convention center @Hilton
Baja… Accessories show
Off price… Deals, big quantity discount, creat your own label etc
1 full level @sands convention center @Venetian
Cash&carry… Buy and take with you also @Venetian
Tons of little shows also @venetian
Woman’s…. More mrs and woman’s fashions @rio
You have to really plan and have goals of what you need to accomplish with all the choices and directions you could go…
Long day’s ahead and a ton of work… It could make your head spin… But to me it’s exciting, the thrill of the hunt and a Rush to take in all the creative Displays, fun & different fashions and the planing of how I am going to put it all together!
I love what I do! It’s a passion and I hope it shows!
Stay tuned for more inside of Market week…