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Kut from Kloth Bermuda short

Kut from cloth Bermuda short
Kut from cloth Bermuda short

I love Kut from Kloth…. Perfect Brand for woman,contemporary   look with a comfortable feel!

  Shown is a cute bermuda short, perfect  to wear all summer long! Dress up or down and a length that flatters the leg!

  When I was younger I loved a shorter short…but let’s face it with age something’s just have to go.  My legs have always been one of my best features but in my 40’s I had to face the reality that a short short was not happening ….( my hubby disagrees bless his heart!) With that said…we move on to the Perfect Bermuda short KUT, you can roll them up a little for a more sporty feel and wear flip flops or ked.  Wear like photo with a wedge and a cute top. My personnel favorite is the trouser slim cut, has a streamline cut ( almost a skinny) but dresser and little darker wash. Very flattering fit and appropriate for business or sport depending on how you dress it up!

I will be showing photo’s this weekend so stay tuned!  If you have not tried a pair of Kut do yourself a favor and give a pair a try!