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layering style


                                       Young or old, everyone needs great layering pieces!
    Niki Biki is my favorite MUST HAVE necessity for every wardrobe…
These layering pieces are soft (almost like a leotard) stay put on your body and come in tons of colors!
                 Chic Style carries Niki Biki’s in Long sleeve, Cap sleeve, tube top, tube dress,legging’s and the extra long cami!
We carry these layering pieces year round And will be on our web site starting at the end of the month.        
Very affordable at prices from $5.50 to $21.99
How to Layer…. If you have a short sleeve shirt you love and would like to wear it in the fall add a long sleeve under and instant fall apparel! Have a tank top you need to be more modest add a Cap sleeve or a cami. Plunging v neck add a tube top. Really there is no end to how you can use these great layering piece’s!   The girl’s at Chic Style would love to help you add these to your wardrobe!
Look Chic At affordable prices!