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Mother’s Day

A little peek into My Mother’s Day! The real Day not the Instagram or Facebook how people view your day… Day

Mother’s Day
Mother’s Day has a different meaning to everyone…..
Some like to share it with all the family….( mom’s, nana’s auntie’s etc)
Some like to be lazy and not get Out of their pj’s…
Some like to get all dressed up and go to Brunch….
Some just like to be remembered….

As for Me ,Mother’s Day I would love to do all of the above but of course that’s not possible!
We don’t live near our family, so it’s just the 4 of us! I never have big expectations for Mother’s Day as they never seem to be what I would picture in my head! ( 1 Mother’s Day I was electrocuted 😁) I am a Mother of boy’s and I try to teach them to be loving , caring and thoughtful…. They’re good boys… But Thinking of me isn’t always on the top of they’re list ( we’ve had long chats over this!) so being truly honest here…. I don’t have big expectations!
( nor do I think I need too, a what can I do for you today mom? Would be awesome)

This year is been a crazy couple of weeks and I just wanted a day in my Pj’s relaxing, a good breakfast

( would have loved a stack of something sweet😍 but not possible on Whole30) scrolling through Instagram and watching hallmark channel and HGTV!
My day started off the way I was hoping…. Except the 6 am enteral alarm clock!
Hubby Made a perfect whole30 breakfast, and we laid in bed watching Joel Olsteen and scrolling Instagram until my boys got up around 10…. No Happy Mother’s Day ( oh 1 kid was at sleep over so hubby ran and got him)
First thing out of my oldest Mouth is what are we doing today…. We’re not gonna just stay home and do nothing are we!!!! Still no Happy Mother’s Day
My Hubby and youngest came home with a card and flower ( which I know was purchase that morning) and we are doing something today right? I really should have said did you guys plan something but I didn’t….I went back to doing what I wanted to do which was lounging around!
Around 1 my hubby asked” what do you want to do?” I stated the above and said but our kids would love to do something!….. He said well it’s up to you!
So…. Because I am a MoM…. As most of us are, that put our kids wants before ours…. I said ok let’s go to Movies and dinner….not to see Mother’s Day as I would have picked but to see Captain America because of course I am a MOM of boys❤️
The movie was great and our Dinner at Twigs was awesome, we even squeezed in some shopping…my day didn’t go as planned but I spent it with The ones I love Most!
Let’s face it any time we get to spend the day with no phones and your boys attention is the Best gift you can get❤️
Most of us Mom’s don’t have have the perfect day or the perfect family but in each day I hope we can teach and learn lessons to be the best person we can be!
I hope your Mother’s Day turned out to be what you had planned or even better then the plans in your head❤️
Have a Beautiful week, D’Arcy

Breakfast in bed made by the hubby whole30
Breakfast in bed made by the hubby whole30
My outfit for the day…. It’s chilly and rainy here in Utah!
Another shot of my Quick Mother’s Day outfit… Dazzling sweater, Edison jeans, fedora and New balance tennis shoes!
My Boy’s❤️ The love’s of my lives! Hudson 19 and Hampton 13 ( remember I am 5’9 1/2 ) they grow so fast