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Summer Bedding

Summer Bedding

Ahhhhh….. The change of the Season! One of My favorite times of the year SUMMER,

Long Day’s,  Open windows, warm temperatures and the longing to be outside!

All the reasons to Give your room a little redo.

The Decorator in me is alway’s changing  stuff but when it comes to our Bedding I change it twice a year ( not the sheets people I wash those every week😉) I change out the Comforter, pillow , shams and even our Minky’s…. From heavy winter blankets, flannel sheets and our thick Compforter in Darker color’s to Our Light weight sheets, pillows and x the Blankets for just This Beautiful light weight cotton Quilt by Anthropology in White. Perfect for the Summer temperatures. I even change our Minky Couture blankets to the lighter version. If you don’t have a Minky Couture blanket your really missing out! In our home everyone has a blanket( a Minky Blanket) even in the Summer you’ll catch me using mine snuggling up reading or lounging there so soft our cats even find it to lay on!

I personally love changing the look of the room with the season.. Tip go with a Wall paint that is easy to change seasons around… Our walls are Mindful Grey ( which happens to be a Big color Joanna Gaines uses from fixer upper)  We painted our room this color before I learned it’s one of her favorite pick’s! I know why ….it works with every accent color and changes with the lighting from soft to crisp! I love it❤️

Adding in the little details….. Our Night stands ( different on both sides) Are desk, painted metallic silver. I love the size a versatility used as a night stand! It’s the First thing I see in the morning and last thing I see when I go to Bed, so needless to say I like pretty things on it.  Fresh flowers are always a must ( it’s my weekly treat to myself) photos of my boys, my wedding rings and my daily read, are some of the things I always have on it.  Seasonal changes are Adding a bowl of shells we collected over the years, changing out my boys photo’s to ones of them at the Beach and a yummy Summer scented Candle ( loving the new coconut one by Voulspa at our shop! YUM) Just these small changes make a BIG impact on your mood and the feel of your space for each season.

I hope I inspired you to make a little or Big seasonal change in your Bedroom!

Have a great week❤️



Summer bedding, Master Bedroom peek... Crisp white, silver, golds... Black Bed and Grey Walls!
Summer bedding, Master Bedroom peek… Crisp white, silver, golds… Black Bed and Grey Walls!
Summer bedding Crisp White with a touch of soft Grey. Anthropology and throw blanket Minky Couture.
Summer bedding
Crisp White with a touch of soft Grey. Anthropology and throw blanket Minky Couture.
Summer touch Adding a few Summer memories to my Nightstand... Boys at the beach & seashells
Summer touch
Adding a few Summer memories to my Nightstand… Boys at the beach & seashells