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Tuesday’s Tip=White teeth …BOOM

I often get asked how I keep my teeth so white?  My tip is these little tooth paste tablets ” Boom toothy tabs”  it’s charcoal & chili blend help keep teeth white.  Don’t worry the chili part doesn’t make them spicy! Although the charcoal part makes you unattractive for a couple minutes, it’s worth it!  These baby’s don’t harm your enamel and keep your teeth sparkling white.  $9.99 a bottle, available at Lush shops.   For those of you who know me know I am a huge Iced Tea drinker , Yes you can still have White teeth. Now I do use Crest White stripes for 1 week every year at the beginning of summer these little tablets are my white smile maintainers.  Hope you enjoyed my Tuesday’s tip ❤️D’Arcy

Let me know if you try them and how you liked them. ( this post is not sponcered in anyway)

Toothy tabs by Lush
So sorry for the unattractive photo… But I thought it’s very important to know your tooth brush and foam will be black! It’s ok it doesn’t stain and washes out.




Another photo I am sorry about, post so visual… But I was worried the first time I tried these and had a black mouth❤️ It’s ok and washes right off without staining😘
White teeth with out harming your enamel