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#Flatlay Friday

Happy Friday and 3 day weekend!

I just wanted to share with you some of our shops Favorite #flatlays and Tips on how to create a great #flatlay (in case you like to share your #ootd) on your social media.

We have been told we are #flatlay queens! were proud to take that title!

A couple of great tips to follow when laying out your outfit are as follows….

# choose your color theme and or theme and make sure it has balance…. like in Interior design you work with odd numbers!           (MOST  peeps want to work in even numbers and it really doesn’t create the balance as odd numbers do!)

# USE props that fit the look of your outfit….Plants, books, magazines, Bowls, Holiday decor etc.

#lay it out Look through your lens see is you need to adjust anything.

#Play with folding, angles, side beside and Layering over or under.

#Make sure your outfit is in frame and no shadows from above lighting

# Have fun & play with your clothes!!!

Below We have choose several different ways you can layout a perfect #flatlay take a peek, be inspired to even copy some for an outfit or a creative #flatlay. Enjoy your weekend, ox

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Tuesday’s Tip=White teeth …BOOM

I often get asked how I keep my teeth so white?  My tip is these little tooth paste tablets ” Boom toothy tabs”  it’s charcoal & chili blend help keep teeth white.  Don’t worry the chili part doesn’t make them spicy! Although the charcoal part makes you unattractive for a couple minutes, it’s worth it!  These baby’s don’t harm your enamel and keep your teeth sparkling white.  $9.99 a bottle, available at Lush shops.   For those of you who know me know I am a huge Iced Tea drinker , Yes you can still have White teeth. Now I do use Crest White stripes for 1 week every year at the beginning of summer these little tablets are my white smile maintainers.  Hope you enjoyed my Tuesday’s tip ❤️D’Arcy

Let me know if you try them and how you liked them. ( this post is not sponcered in anyway)

Toothy tabs by Lush
So sorry for the unattractive photo… But I thought it’s very important to know your tooth brush and foam will be black! It’s ok it doesn’t stain and washes out.




Another photo I am sorry about, post so visual… But I was worried the first time I tried these and had a black mouth❤️ It’s ok and washes right off without staining😘
White teeth with out harming your enamel