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Nightstand Favorites

My Nightstand FAVORITES!!!
Lately I have been seeming snap shots of people’s nightstands… On pintrest, blogs and Instagram.
Which had me take a look at mine.
I have kept the same 3 things on Every night stand I have owned over the years…my favorite nightstand must haves
…Fresh flowers, (lately it’s been roses) in my favorite vintage mercury glass vase.
…My favorite lotion MILK by Archipelago,
…A drink..mornings it’s hot tea or coffee and nights it’s Water.
These 3 things no matter what are always sitting on my table.
Yes I have other treasures, candle, lipbalm, magazines or a book, photo’s and other odds and ends, but as I looked back over time these are 3 of the things that have stayed the same.
Think about your favorite nightstand items…have they stayed the same or changed over the years??